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1990-1998 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Repair Manual

Detailed 1990-1998 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Repair Manual

Models covered:
- Cougar, Cougar Deluxe, Cougar Mountain Cat, Cougar 2-Up
- El Tigre EXT, ElTigre EXT Special, El Tigre Mountain Cat
- EXT EFI, EXT EFI Deluxe, EXT Triple Touring
- EXT 550, EXT 550 Mountain Cat
- EXT 580, EXT 580 DLX, EXT 580 EFI Mountain Cat, EXT 580 Mountain Cat, EXT 580 Powder Deluxe, EXT 580 Powder Special
- EXT 600, EXT 600 Triple, EXT 600 Triple Touring
- Pantera
- Panther 440, Panther 550
- Powder Special, Powder Special EFI, Powder Extreme
- Prowler, Prowler Mountain Ca, Prowler Special, Prowler II, Prowler 2-Up
- 440, Z 440, ZL 440, ZR 440
- ZL500
- ZR580, ZR 580 EFI
- ZR 600, ZR 600 EFI, ZRT 600

* Covers ZR 600 & Powder Special models with carburetors only.

This manual includes the following chapters:
- Quick Reference Data
- General Information
- Troubleshooting
- Lubrication, Maintenance and Tune-up
- Adjustments for special use
- Engine
- Fuel Systems-Carbureted, Fuel Injected
- Exhaust System
- Electrical System
- Oil Injection System
- Cooling System
- Recoil Starter
- Drive System
- Brake, Driven Shaft, Dropcase and Drive Shaft
- Front Suspension and Steering
- Track and Rear suspension
- Off-Season Storage
- Index
- Wiring Diagrams

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Amazingly fast download and a great manual!